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Pincushion Book Club!

Welcome everyone to the brand new Pincushion Book Club!

I realized after awhile that one of my favorite parts of our sewing classes is the various discussions we get into about the history of clothing, the impact of the fast fashion industry, and the lost art of sewing. Well, I decided to turn that favorite part into something even better, a monthly book club!

I've put together a year of books to read and discussions to have, all of them centered around the history of sewing and fabric, the politics of fashion, the future of the fashion industry, and the history of dress. Some of these titles were recommended to me and some were just found after doing some internet digging.

Each month we will read a different book and then have a virtual discussion on the last Tuesday of every month. You can sign up for the monthly discussion here. You can also skip to a specific month by clicking below:

February March April May June July August September October November December

Below you will find the various titles listed by month; you can join us for one or all of them! I've also added our Amazon Associates link to order your copy of the book. Other Las Vegas bookstores such as The Writer's Block or Barnes & Noble also carry a few of these titles.

I look forward to a year of reading and discussions with you all!

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Liberated Threads

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