All masks have elastic ear bands and made up of 3 layers of material: 1 layer of Poly/Cotton fashion fabric, 1 layer of fusible interfacing, 1 layers of 100% Cotton fabric.


As with all non-medical grade masks, these masks are not designed for medical use and Pincushion makes no guarantee as to the efficacy of the mask. 


Sizing is based on bridge of nose to chin measurement:

Small - 5.25 inches

Medium - 6 inches

Large - 6.75 inches

Curved Face Mask

  • Use hot water and soap to thoroughly wash the mask after each wear. You can hang to dry to use the 'hot' setting on a laundry dryer. 

    **DO NOT MICROWAVE** (Some are saying to microwave the mask to disinfect and these claims are 100% false)