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The Tabor V-Neck is a simple yet versatile style that is as dressed up or casual as you’d like to make it. It is a loose fitting, drop shoulder tee or sweater that is built for comfort while looking smart. With many different options for sleeves, necklines and body lengths, you can make a Tabor V-neck for every season. Due to its wide, oversized body width, the Tabor V-Neck T-shirts are most flattering when sewn in a light-weight, fluid knit fabric with at least 25% stretch such as rayon, bamboo or soy knits while the sweaters are best with sweater knits that also have at least 25% stretch however, do not have a high lycra content (6% or above) or have too much stretch recovery. This is to allow the wide neckband to perform at its finest without puckering or gathering.

Tabor V-Neck

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  • T-Shirt Version: Lightweight, fluid knit fabrics with at least 25% stretch such as rayon, bamboo, and soy jerseys and for a slightly more boxy fit, cotton, linen, and hemp jerseys

    Sweater Version: Sweater knit fabrics with at least 25% stretch. For best results with the neck use natural fiber sweater knits that are not extremely limp or stiff such as wool jersey, novelty sweater knits and some rib knits. 

    You will also need:

    - Lightweight fusible knit interfacing

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