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Alterations Policies

Clean Clothing Only: All clothing brought in for our alterations services must be freshly laundered whether that is by laundry machine, by hand or dry cleaner! Even if you only wore your item(s) once since washing, it’s no longer sanitary for us to work on them.

In cases when our clients have disclosed their items are clean but we later discover they are not, you will be notified to wash and return them before having the project completed. This may affect the original ready date of your project, and you may incur a service fee for our inconvenience.

And it’s not just for us - clean clothing benefits you!

  • Garment repairs and alterations are visually and functionally more successful when performed on clean fibers. The end results look more natural and last longer.

  • Our Stitchers will praise you for being respectful of their general health and safety.

  • Your garments are ready to wear as soon as you pick them up!

Existing Stains/Damage: Please advise us of any existing stains, or damage that you are not having repaired, on your item. If we come across anything while working on your garment, we will tag it with a safety pin. We are not responsible for any existing stains or damage found on items during our work.

Fittings: What is discussed and pinned during your fitting outlines the parameters of the work we will do; any subsequent requests outside of what has been agreed upon with the Stitcher during your initial visit will be an additional service at additional cost.

Customer Satisfaction:  We want you to love your garment! If you happen to find an issue with your item(s), please let us know within 48 hours of pick up.

Holding Time Limit: We will hold unclaimed items for 30 days after their scheduled pick up date. After the scheduled pick up date we will attempt to contact the owners by phone and email. All garments or items left behind for longer than 30 days are donated.

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