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Alterations Info & Pricing

Alterations pricing is different for each garment as factors like type of fabric, how many layers, and how it is constructed affect how long each alteration takes. Here are a few examples of general pricing.


Our current turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.  Any alteration needed in less than 2 weeks will incur a rush fee. 

Please remember that the cost of the alteration has nothing to do with the cost of the garment.


To book an alterations appointment just go to the Alterations tab on our website to reserve your spot. If you have more specific alterations questions, please call our shop at 702-522-9551 during business hours Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm.



$15 Regular Hem

$25 Invisible Pant Hem

$28 Cuffed Pant Hem

$15+ Denim Pant Hem

$28+ Skirt/Dress Hem

$1/inch Fix Fallen Hem

Pant/Denim Leg Tapering

$28-$42+ Half Leg Taper

$42-$55+ Full Leg Taper

Waist Adjustments
$25 Denim (darts)

$42 Denim (no darts)

$28-$55+ Pant/Skirt 


$20 Slim with Darts

$28-$68+ Slim at Side Seams

$28+ Shorten Sleeves

$28+ Hem



Vintage, leather, and fur alterations will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 


$100+ Garment re-design 

Custom Order

*We are currently not taking Custom Orders for the foreseeable future*

Suit Jacket


$42-$55+ Sleeve Shortening

$55-$68+ Sleeve Lengthening

$68-$82+ Jacket Hem Adjustment

Size Adjustments

$28+ Center Back

$68+ Two or more Seams

$42+ Sleeve Slimming

$68+ Shoulder Adjustment



$5-$28 Decorative Patches

$25-$45 Crotch patch/repair

$5-$20+ Hole darning/patch


$2-$5/inch+ Replacement

$15 New Zipper Pull

$10 New Zipper Stoppers


$8/button+ Repair/Replace

$14/set Hook or Snap Repair/Replace

Formal/Bridesmaid/Prom Dresses


$28-$68+ Hem per Layer

$14-$34+ Hem per Layer (lining)

Bust/Waist/Hip Adjustment

$28-68+ Side Seams

$50+ Alternate Seams

$28+ Center Back (no zipper)

$42+ Zipper Adjustment 

$28 + cost of cups Adding Cups

$55/hour Beading

Home Goods


$5/foot Hemming

$4/foot Hemming Lining

Pillow Cover

$50+ per cover

*This price does not include materials.

Cushion Cover

$200+ per cover

*This price does not include materials.


We do not offer upholstery services.  

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