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Fabric Shopping in Las Vegas, Part One

Hello Pincushion Fans!

One of the top questions we get in any of our classes is "Where do I find fabric?". If you've ever been in a class where that question was asked, you know that our instructors could go on for DAYS about our favorite spots. So, I've decided to put together a little guide to help!

This is a list of all Conventional Fabric Stores that you can physically visit here in Las Vegas. Of course there are tons of online resources, but we'll save that for another long-winded blog post.

*Myself and Pincushion are in no way sponsored by any of these stores.*


Heddy's Fabrics

5411 W Charleston Blvd


Monday thru Saturday 11am to 4pm (Closed Sunday)

To say that I love Heddy's is putting it mildly; to say that I practically live at Heddy's is more realistic. If you are looking for quality fabric, this is where you start. Heidi, the owner, will tell you that she strives to provide significantly better quality fabric options than JoAnn's or other big name stores. Heddy's is the go-to spot for a majority of the productions on The Strip. They have the largest selection of lycras and performance fabrics. Other fabric collections include high-end suiting materials, special occasion and wedding fabrics, and an extensive collection of silks. Aside from their fabrics they also have a huge selection of elastics, trims, buttons, sewing notions, and rhinestones. Honestly I could go on for days...but instead I'll just share some photos of this fabric heaven.


JOANN Fabrics and Crafts

2160 N Rainbow Blvd (Las Vegas)

651 Marks St. (Henderson)

Monday thru Saturday 9am to 9pm, Sunday 10am to 7pm

Ok, we all know about Joann's. It's definitely a staple fabric store; in my opinion the quality is good but not the best. It'll do in a pinch or if you've got the good coupons! A few tips that I always tell people about Joann's is to think a little outside of the box. Two places that I look at first before wandering the aisles is the Clearance Fabric section and the Home Goods Fabric section. I've found more than a few secret gems in the Clearance section. For the Home Goods Fabrics, you can usually find some gorgeous sheers or linens that are great because they come in bigger widths than fashion fabrics, and they usually end up being a little cheaper in the long run. I've also found some great 'pillow' or 'curtain' fabrics that I have used for pants, dresses, or coats. Again, we all know about Joann's so I won't go on about it. Final thought, the Henderson Joann's has a bigger selection of fabric (or at least it did the last time I was there).


Sew Yeah Quilting

3690 N Rancho Dr.

Monday thru Saturday 10am to 6pm (Closed Sunday)

You probably know that there are quite a few quilting shops in Las Vegas.

So why would I pick Sew Yeah for this list? A few reasons:

1. They are our go-to spot for machine maintenance.

2. It's run by the nicest set of sewing brothers you will ever meet.

3. Their store is freaking HUGE!

Seriously, their selection of cottons is endless. Also, if you follow them on social media you can tune in for their Fabric De-stash, which they host in their warehouse...which is also gigantic. As most of you know, I am not a quilter (yes, there is a difference between garment sewists and quilt sewists), but I like using cottons for dresses, shirts, garment linings, or even some pants. Aside from their gigantic cotton collection, they also offer quilting services and have a pretty good selection of sewing notions.


Other Big Name Stores...

Hobby Lobby

Several locations,

Monday thru Saturday 9am to 8pm, Closed Sunday

I have mixed feelings about Hobby Lobby. But, I promised to tell you about Vegas places that have fabric and they are part of that list. They don't have a huge selection, and I can't guarantee that every store has fabric, but you can find some simple fabrics in a pinch.


Several Locations,

Hours depend on the store

Again, not every store will have fabric. Mostly the Superstores will have a small fabric section. To be honest, the quality is not great but sometimes the prices are reeeeeally good. This is also a great resource for when you run out of thread 10pm at night on a dress that you were planning on wearing the next just me??


So, there you have it, Abby's Guide to Conventional Fabric Shopping in Las Vegas!

There are a few other stores that I found, but I have yet to explore so I have left them off the list. Also note that this list is mostly for garment fabrics. Future posts will explore Unconventional Fabric Shopping, Upholstery/Home Goods Fabric Shopping, and more.

Have you experienced shopping at any of the locations above?? What was your experience? What are your thoughts?? Feel free to comment with your favorite go-to!!!

Okie Dokie!



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